The Basics of Winterizing Your Plumbing Irrigation

Outdoor Plumbing Winterization

In addition to protecting the plumbing in your home, it’s also important to protect the plumbing outside. This includes your home’s irrigation system, which lies dormant through the long, chilly winter. Having your irrigation system winterized by a professional plumber will help to ensure quick irrigation startup in the spring and minimize the number of leaks and breakages throughout the rest of the year. Here’s some basic information on what’s involved in winterizing your irrigation system.

Why Is Winterizing Your Irrigation Necessary?

The plumbing in your home is protected from the cold weather through insulation, home heating, and constant use. However, your home’s exterior irrigation system is far more susceptible to freezing over the winter: Your irrigation system isn’t insulated like indoor plumbing and is also typically made from plastic, which is weaker than the copper or PEX pipes used for your home plumbing. The smallest amount of water in plastic irrigation pipes can easily cause leaks over the winter that won’t show up until the springtime.

How Does Winterization Work?

Winterizing your irrigation system is a multistep process that involves some specialized equipment and knowledge of how plumbing and irrigation systems work. The ultimate goal in irrigation winterization is to completely force all the water out of your sprinklers using air pressure. The less water in your home’s irrigation system over the winter, the safer your irrigation system is.

Why Is a Professional Plumber Necessary?

Hiring a professional plumber to winterize your home’s plumbing system is a great idea for several reasons. First, it ensures that winterization is done properly and your plumbing is protected from freezing. Second, you’ll avoid common DIY winterization mistakes that can cause damage to your irrigation system. Finally, you’ll avoid injuries that can result from misjudging the amount of air and water pressure present in your home’s irrigation system. In short, hiring a plumber is the way to go!

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