Chicago Propane/Natural Gas Generators

Power outages at any time of the year can be problematic, but they are especially tough during chilly Chicago winters. To keep your home comfortable and safe this winter, consider installing a propane or natural gas generator. Take a closer look at the how propane or natural gas generators work to learn why you should consider installing one in your home this winter:

What Are Gas Generators?

Emergency generators, also known as emergency power systems, are machines that help to supply your home with energy in the event of a power outage. There are many kinds of generators, but the most reliable ones are stationary propane or natural gas generators. These generators are “charged” and ready to power essential or non-essential components of your home’s electrical system. Some Chicago-area homeowners use generators powerful enough to run their home normally for several days, while others utilize smaller generators to help power only essential home functions, such as the heater and refrigerator.

How Do They Work?

Propane or natural gas generators use a motor to generate an electrical charge, which is then stored in a batter. These generators are permanent structures on your property and are fueled by gas or fuel lines. Depending on the type of system you have, your generator may run a series of tests automatically to ensure that you are optimally protected in case of an outage.

How Do I Get a Generator?

To have a generator installed at your home, contact your local Chicago area plumber. Plumbers are certified to work with natural gas and propane lines and can also install your generator for you. Working with one company to have your generator installed will make installation simple and give you the protection you need right away!

To learn more about installing natural gas or propane generators in your home, contact Bishop Plumbing today. Call us for service in Chicago, Schaumburg, Northbrook, Glenview and Arlington Heights.(847) 696-8943

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