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Tips & Tricks To A Warm Home

Everyone knows the saying, “secrets, secrets are no fun unless they are shared with everyone”, and it holds true. So, this holiday season Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. is gifting you all some high profile, top-secret tips & tricks to heat your home without using your heating system!

Home Heating Tricks

Add Throw Rugs To Your Space

When your home has poor insulation, all of the work your furnace does is practically pointless, as your home will be unable to retain the heat it produces. And, when you have hardwood, laminate, or tiled floors, you are losing 10% of your manufactured heat through your floors. So, it’s time to buy that shag rug you have been eyeing and roll it out over your living room floor. It will better insulate your home, and you will reduce extraneous heat loss.

Cook More

Your kitchen has heat-generating appliances that can help heat your home. Your stove and oven, while in use, will actually distribute heat throughout your space. This will allow you to turn your thermostat down a few degrees, lowering your utility bills.

Change Your Bedding

As the night progresses a chill settles in, which is usually when you crank your heater into high gear. However, changing your bed sheets from cotton to a thicker material will allow you to reduce your heater use at night, and you will be able to save on overall heating costs.

Fashion Tinfoil Behind Your Radiator

External walls are the worst place to put your radiator. A ton of radiant heat is lost through external walls, especially if they are not insulated, reducing the efficiency of your heating cycles. Prevent heat loss by fashioning tinfoil behind your radiator. This trick will reflect the heat back into your home.

Hang Curtains

Installing curtains over the windows in your main living space will help reduce radiant heat loss. Time to update your living room aesthetics with some drapery!

Repair Air Leaks

Cracks around windows and doors let heat escape your home. Seal your air leaks with weatherstripping (for doors) and caulking (for windows). Air leaks are easily repaired; yet, they remain the most prolific reason for heat loss in residential homes. If you have never used this material before, it is recommended that you contact a professional to install your weatherstripping and caulking.

Update Your Furniture Placement

Another way to prevent heat loss in your home—rearrange your furniture away from your windows. This will reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows and you will retain more body heat.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Did you know your ceiling fans can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise? Your fans are likely set to rotate counterclockwise to cool your space; however, by switching the direction of your fan you can actually produce heat for your home too. Flip the small switch located on the side of your fan, and warm air will get pushed down!

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