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Northwest Suburban Chicago Frozen Pipes

Cold days can be hazardous to more than just people. Icy winds and freezing temperatures can also affect your home, including your pipes, especially if they aren’t properly insulated. Ice presses against the inside of the pipes, splitting the metal and the seals at the fittings and often causing leaks later on.

If you have frozen pipes in your Northwest Suburban Chicago home, don't wait! 

Reach out to Bishop Plumbing for assistance. We can send skilled plumbers over to help thaw out your pipes safely and repair any damage. Our plumbing experts can also provide tips and tools to help you avoid frozen pipes in the future.

Let Us Deal with Your Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen pipes in the house are nothing to take lightly. After the water freezes inside them, your pipes could have damage that will show up later. Since 1921, our local plumbers have helped Northwest Suburban Chicago residents avoid costly water bills and major water damage repairs by carefully thawing frozen pipes with the water turned off. Whenever frozen pipes burst, our experts know how to identify and repair the resulting leak as quickly as possible to prevent extensive further damage. 

There are many ways that Bishop Plumbing can help you deal with any pipe freezing:

  • Thaw Pipes: Call our emergency plumber about thawing your frozen water pipes before major damage occurs.
  • Replace Pipes: Our team can replace damaged frozen water pipes in the house to stop leaks before they happen.
  • Replace Other Features: A frozen drainpipe, dishwasher line, exterior faucet, or other plumbing component can also cause problems if not properly addressed.
  • Winterize the Plumbing: Take preventative action by having us insulate your pipes, water lines, and exterior faucets to keep them from freezing in the first place.

Grab Your Free Quote for Fixing Frozen Pipes

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to your plumbing in Northwest Suburban Chicago. If you have frozen pipes, call Bishop Plumbing about our emergency plumbing services to get ahead of any potential damage!

A friendly representative will always be available to take your call. Those who would like to set up a winterization appointment can also fill out our online form right away.