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Northwest Suburban Chicago Backflow Service

Keeping your home safe often means taking preventative action to stop problems before they start. Installing a backflow valve to keep contaminated water from backing up into your home plumbing system is one such step. Whether you own a home or a business, you can benefit from this simple measure that will stop chemicals and wastewater from potentially entering your drinking water.

Bishop Plumbing is the perfect team to choose for this plumbing project. Since 1921, we’ve been providing a range of plumbing and backflow service across Northwest Suburban Chicago. Our professional plumbers will make short work of installing backflow valves and any other related equipment.

Live Worry-Free with Backflow Prevention and Valve Repair Services

Many municipalities require a backflow valve to be installed for businesses such as apartment complexes, restaurants, and office buildings. However, it’s also good for homeowners to have a simple backflow preventer installed so they don’t have to worry about any issues with wastewater backing up into their properties. 

In addition to expert backwater valve installation, homeowners can expect a number of benefits and amenities by choosing us:

  • Comprehensive Service: Our heating, cooling, and plumbing contractors can take care of a number of jobs for you, from adding more coolant to the AC system to sink replacement.
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair: We offer 24/7 backflow and emergency plumbing services for Northwest Suburban Chicago. Feel free to call on us any time you have a water, sewage, or piping problem.
  • Warranty Protection: Our expert contractors use quality backflow prevention products from leading brands that offer warranties against damage and defect.
Once the backflow valve has been installed, backflow testing should be performed on an annual basis to ensure it's working flawlessly, which we can also take care of for you.

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Prevent water backing up into your plumbing system with our backflow services in Northwest Suburban Chicago. You can get started with a consultation or ask Bishop Plumbing about a free quote to have a backwater valve installed. Fill out our online form or give us a call to begin.