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Furnace Maintenance Providing Exceptional Service Since 1921

Des Plaines Furnace Maintenance

Providing Reliable Heater Tune-Ups for Improved Efficiency

Your furnace is one of the most essential systems in your home. The last thing you want is for it to quit working right when you need it, but that’s often when people notice something’s wrong. Don’t wait until midwinter to call a furnace repair technician. Instead, get a yearly inspection done around early fall or late summer. That way, you’ll be ready for anything when the cold Illinois winter comes along.

Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. has been serving Cook County homes and businesses since 1921. We offer complete HVAC repair and installation including quality services for gas and electric furnaces. Take advantage of a trusted company for all your heating needs.

Call Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. at (847) 380-8053 to schedule your yearly furnace tune-up in Des Plaines!

Furnace Safety & Maintenance

It’s easy to ignore your furnace when everything seems to be functioning well. But, to keep your home safe and warm, you should schedule annual checks. If something isn’t working well, you won’t always be able to tell immediately. Avoid problems like serious repairs, replacements, or even carbon monoxide poisoning by scheduling inspections.

Our Furnace Inspection Process

Once you call us for a furnace inspection or repair, one of our trained Des Plaines HVAC technicians will respond in a timely manner. Upon arrival, they’ll introduce themselves and our company.

After explaining the process to you, they’ll proceed to check a variety of furnace functions and issues such as:

  • Thermostat function
  • Gas burners
  • Air filter and airflow
  • Heat sequence and operation
  • Blower operation
  • Gas leaks
  • Electrical wiring and connections

Tips to Improve Heater Efficiency

During freezing weather, making your home warmer often leads to higher energy bills. There are several ways you can keep your home warm and toasty without draining your bank account.

Here are 10 simple ways to help your heater help you this winter:
  • Seal Air Leaks - Before you turn the heat up, make sure you can keep as much of it inside as possible. Cracks around doors and windows are the most common source of heat loss in a home, so check for leaks around your windows and external doors. If and when you find leaks, use weatherstripping around doors and caulk around windows to seal them. Or, to make sure the leaks are completely sealed, call in a professional.
  • Set Your Fans to Rotate Clockwise - See that little switch on the side of your ceiling fan? It’s meant to be flipped during the winter. By flipping that switch, you’ll set your fan to rotate clockwise, which will push warm air down towards you. To make the most of this tip, only turn your fans on when you’re using a room. There’s no use spending money to circulate warm air through an empty room.
  • Add a Few Layers to Your Floor - Did you know that your floor accounts for 10 percent of your home’s heat loss? Luckily, you can keep that heat inside by adding insulation to your floors in the form of rugs. Rugs not only keep warm air from escaping through your floorboards, but they also prevent cold air from seeping into your house.
  • Place Tinfoil Behind Your Radiator - If your radiator is near an external wall, chances are you’re losing a lot of heat and wasting a lot of money. Keep that heat inside by placing reflective tinfoil behind the radiator. This will reflect the heat back into the room and save you money. Although you can purchase tinfoil specifically designed to use near radiators, kitchen foil can also get the job done.
  • Open Curtains and Raise Blinds During the Day - The sun is a free source of heat, so why not let it in during the winter? Keep your curtains and blinds wide open throughout the day to allow light to pass through your windowpanes and warm up your home.
  • Close Your Curtains at Night - If you’re not careful, the daytime heat you let in through the windows will exit at the same point at night. What’s worse, the exiting heat will likely take extra heat from your furnace with it. To prevent heat from escaping through your windows, install curtains. If your home has single-pane windows, consider installing insulated curtains. If you can’t afford to splurge on new curtains, simply drain a sheet or blanket over a curtain rod.
  • Cook or Bake - Winter is the perfect time to whip up a warm bowl of soup or batch of cookies. Whether you’re using the stove or the oven, the heat created during the cooking process will help heat your entire home-and it’ll also provide you with something warm to eat. To get a little more bang for your buck, leave your oven door open after you’ve finished baking. This will help you recycle some heat and save some money. Remember to be safe around a hot oven, though, and skip this step if you have pets or small children in the house.
  • Shower With the Bathroom Door Open - If you leave the door open when you shower, the warm, humid air created by the shower will drift through your house and heat your entire space. Obviously, this tip is easier if you live alone or with a partner. If you have children, try showering after they leave for school.
  • Rearrange Your Furniture - If your couch is by a window, chances are that when you relax on the couch, your body loses radiant heat to the cold window. To avoid feeling colder than you should, keep furniture away from large windows and external walls. Furthermore, try to keep couches, recliners, and beds away from radiators and vents. If they’re too close to radiators or vents, these large pieces of furniture end up absorbing the heat you want.
  • Swap Your Sheets - One of the simplest ways to stay warmer during the winter is to swap your cotton sheets for a heavier material like flannel. You can also swap quilts for heavier down comforters.

Choose a Name You Can Trust

We know you have many options when it comes to heating system maintenance We hope that our reputation for quality service in the Cook County area demonstrates our determination to satisfy our customers. Whatever you require, our trained technicians will have your home or business comfortable and cozy in no time.

For heater maintenance in Des Plaines or nearby, call (847) 380-8053. You can also submit any inquiries through our contact form.

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