Sump Pumps & Ejector Pumps in Chicago, IL

A sump pump is necessary in any home – especially if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding. Whether the sump pump is used to pump water from the basement to outside or to the house’s drainage system, we can install or service any style of pump and help you choose the best one for your home.

Sump Pumps, Ejector Pumps and Battery Backup systems should be checked annually. By maintaining them, it will greatly reduce the chance of the pump malfunctioning during an inconvenient time (i.e. during a storm).

A battery backup system will kick on if there is power loss and will run for a limited amount of time without power in an effort to keep your basement dry. Battery maintenance is required for these systems.

We currently use Barnes Sump and Ejector Pumps, Sump Pro Battery Backup Systems and Tramco Pumps.
There is a three year warranty on the Barnes Sump and Ejector Pumps, a one year warranty on the Sump Pro Battery Backup System and a ten year warranty on the Tramco Pump.