Sewer Repair

The Step-By-Step Process to Sewer Repair

Our professional technicians will arrive at your home to discover the problem with an underground exterior sewer line by means of rodding or video camera inspection. Upon inspection, our technicians will be able to pinpoint the problem spot with the video camera locating equipment.

Bishop technicians will schedule a time with the landowner to arrive on site with the proper excavating equipment and vehicles. They will reconfirm excavation area before setting up the excavation equipment with the dump truck so when soil is removed from the hole it can be placed directly into the truck. This prevents any dirt or debris from messing up the lawn or landscaping. All excavated material is removed from the job site.

Once the original piping is exposed, a section is then removed. A new section of piping and a new clean-out are then installed. This clean-out will extend to the original ground elevation. The remaining sewer line will then be rodded with a full size cutter and video inspected.

The plumbing inspector of the municipality will approve the sewer repair prior to backfilling. The excavation will be backfilled with crushed limestone (or code approved material) to approximately 5″ from the finished grade. New black topsoil will then be backfilled to final grade and leveled off. If desired and season permitting, new sod can be laid down to complete the beautiful restoration.