24-Hour Emergency Service
We understand a disaster can strike at any time. That’s why we provide our 24-hour service – to give you peace of mind both day and night.

General Service
Whether you have a clogged drain, a leaking toilet, or another general plumbing problem in your residential, commercial or industrial facility – our technicians will service the problem efficiently and effectively.

Backflow Service
Backflow is when polluted or contaminated water reverses direction and flows back toward the source. All cities require annual backflow testing for commercial properties. At Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling we perform annual testing and will contact our customers with a reminder of the upcoming re-certifications date to ensure that your property is up to local codes and regulations.

Sewer Repair
Disruptions in sewer lines can cause serious problems to your home or business. Our technicians will explore current or potential problems with an underground exterior sewer line by means of rodding or video camera inspection. Once we identify the problem, our technicians will repair the problem with a new section of piping and clean out. New topsoil will then be backfilled to final grade and leveled off. We also offer an option of laying down new sod to complete the beautiful restoration of your lawn.

Irrigation System Installation
Guarantee a green lawn this season! With an irrigation system, your lawn and garden will stay green all summer. Our technicians use high quality RainBird hardware with our home irrigation systems to ensure that every inch of your garden receives the proper amount of water. An irrigation system will save you time, money, and water in the long-run, so call Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today to receive a free estimate.

Bathroom Remodeling
Whether you want to replace a few plumbing fixtures or do an entire overhaul of the bathroom, Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is highly qualified for any remodeling work you would like done for the bathroom. We have a multitude of options for bathroom showers, faucets, sinks, toilets and vanities. Give us a call and we’ll have one of our estimators come to your home to discuss the options.

Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps
A sump pump is necessary in any home – especially if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding. Whether the sump pump is used to pump water from the basement to outside or to the house’s drainage system, we can install or service any style of pump and help you choose the best one for your home.

Generator Installation
Standby generators offer security for your home or business. In less than 10 seconds after a power outage, a standby generator will kick into the system to operate all electrical appliances. So whether you depend on electricity to operate your home office or want to be worry-free while on vacation for a few weeks, a standby generator will provide the safeguard you need.

Water Heater Installation
Water heaters have an 8-10 year lifespan. Corrosion is the #1 reason for an inefficient or broken water heater. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it is time to look into a replacement.