Plumbers for Pups


MOB(1)With our recent economic state there have been an alarming number of dogs that are abandoned on a daily basis because their former families could no longer afford to care for them. These dogs that were once family pets have either been turned into the local pounds or shelters or, in the worst case of desperation, just let loose to fend for themselves. Many of these dogs end up in pounds where they are given a certain number of days to be adopted or they will be put to death.

Bishop Plumbing Inc., is inviting our customers to join us in our plight to save these endangered dogs. We currently have dogs available that we saved a high kill shelter. Please take a moment to learn about these dogs and call our office at 847-824-1800 or email Kristina Curran at [email protected] if you are interested in making any of these dogs your new pet.

Click here to learn more about Plumbers for Puppies and some of the dogs we’ve saved!