Home Irrigation System Installation in Chicagoland

4 Reasons To Install A Home Irrigation System:

1) Save Time
There is no need to schedule your day around watering your lawn and moving around those pesky hoses. Put your feet up and enjoy the convenience of an irrigation system!
2) Save Water
Your home irrigation system will water only those areas that need the watering (We doubt your driveway is thirsty), and is timed to water at the best time of day for absorption.
3) Save Money
Increased efficiency of water placement and timing is a money-saving quality of a home irrigation system. Use less water for quality results!
4) Healthy Lawn
No more brown spots! Your home irrigation system will cover every inch of vegetation to make sure your lawn is rich and green.


At Bishop Plumbing, we only use the best products for your high quality needs. Our home irrigation systems utilize products made by Rain Bird, the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products, who are also committed to high quality and responsible partnerships. Bishop Plumbing is proud to use Rain Bird products for all your home irrigation needs.


Upon all installation of a new irrigation system, get a FREE fall winterization and spring start up.
We are proud to install RainBird Irrigation Products.